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v Alpha 10 [New Version]
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22 February 2023, 19:36.
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There is also a version for playing online (pirate).

The protagonist in Vagabond finds himself in an unknown area, having lost his memories. The hero will have to deal with the situation that has happened, trying to survive in an unfamiliar environment. The game is made in the genre of role-playing adventure with elements of a survival simulator, where you have to wander around the open world and get to know its inhabitants. The universe is set in a fantasy setting, where you have to become an adventurer and go explore the environment.

The graphics in Vagabond are made in an old-school style, allowing users to watch the adventures of the hero from a top-down view. The character will be able to move around an isometric map, interact with objects and other inhabitants of the world, and also engage in crafting. Players will mine resources such as wood or stone to create primitive tools or weapons to defend themselves against enemies.

The main task for the user is to explore the area, as well as build a destiny for the character. You will be able to create a unique path with each playthrough, going on trials in dark dungeons, hunting for ancient treasures or artifacts, engaging in blacksmithing and providing swords for the kingdom, or helping villagers who need the support of a true hero. The user is free to choose any craft and occupation.

When you start the game, you will have to create and customize a protagonist. The surrounding locations will be procedurally generated, creating random biomes and events that take place within them. Gamers will meet more than 100 minor NPCs who can teach new skills, bargain, or tell the latest rumors. In the process of passing, you have to collect resources, cut down trees, mine ore, grow crops on farms and kill monsters, creating your own weapons or armor.

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RePack from Chovka
Version: v Alpha 10 [New Version]
rulngThe crack for the game (text) can be found above under the spoiler.
More current version: v Alpha 10 [New Version]
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 Size: 34.40 MB
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    • Release date: May 1st. 2023
    • Genre: Action , Adventure , Indie , RPG , Simulation , Survival
    • Developer: Pierre Vigier
    • Interface: English
    • Voice acting: None
System requirements
    • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bits)
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • RAM: 2 GB
    • Video card: 512 MB, OpenGL 3.3
    • Disk space: 500 MB
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Version:v Alpha 10 [New Version]
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