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Book of Travels
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Book of Travels

v 12650440 [New Version]
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October 31, 2023, 12:27 pm.
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There is also a version for playing online (pirate).

Book of Travels is an atmospheric role-playing game that takes you into a fairy-tale world. At the beginning of the adventure you are asked to create your character. Go explore the surrounding lands and enjoy the beauty of the world. The game belongs to the rare TMORPG genre. This means that the goals and narrative depend only on the actions you take. The creators of the game provide incredible freedom of action.

Write your Book of Travels. The uniqueness of the gameplay lies in the fact that this is a role-playing game that does not lead you by the hand and invites you to make your own story. There is no linearity or clearly defined tasks here. Go anywhere and create what you personally want. Visit the towns of the Wicker Coast Peninsula. Try to unravel the secrets of this place. This is a complex world that is fraught with various mysteries and dangers.

Team up with other players or survive alone. There is no division into classes here. Upgrade your hero using any available branch. Develop a variety of abilities. When you go on a trip, keep in mind just one thing: no one is going to lead you by the hand. Once in the world of Book of Travels, you decide your own destiny. Whatever path you choose, history develops only the way you want it to. Good luck on your adventures, wanderer! The book of wanderings is waiting for you!

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RePack from Chovka
Version: v 12650440 [New Version]
rulngThe crack for the game (text) can be found above under the spoiler.
More current version: v 12650440 [New Version]
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 Size: 1.93 GB
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    • Release date: 11 Oct. 2021
    • Genre: Action , Adventure , Indie , RPG
    • Developer: Might and Delight
    • Interface: English
    • Voice acting: None
System requirements
    • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz, AMD Athlon X2 2.8 GHz
    • RAM: 4 GB
    • Video card: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660, ATI Radeon HD 2xxx
    • Disk space: 6 GB
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Version:v 12650440 [New Version]
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