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One Eleven
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игра на русском языке

One Eleven

v 1.3 + DLC [New Version] in Russian
(Full version) Latest in extra. distributions
6 November 2023, 15:29.
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There is also a version for playing online (pirate).

One Eleven is an exciting experience that will captivate you from the very beginning. Unlike other visual novels, the project goes beyond simple storytelling and allows you to actively interact with the characters and determine the outcome of the story. Get ready for an exciting ride by immersing yourself in the mystery surrounding an unusual event - a speed date. Here the user will find himself in the shoes of a lonely and depressed protagonist who decides to step out of his comfort zone and attend a speed dating event held at a remote lighthouse.

The protagonist of One Eleven is unaware that this seemingly , an innocent meeting quickly turns into a nightmarish ordeal full of horror and fear. While a violent storm rages outside, the participants mysteriously disappear, leaving us wondering: who is behind this sinister plot? What drives their actions? And, most importantly, is it possible to survive? The title has a striking aesthetic, with carefully crafted characters and environments that immerse you in a dark and atmospheric world that matches its theme. The visual design is accompanied by an immersive original soundtrack that heightens the tension and draws you deeper into the story.

The novel has multiple endings and multiple branching paths that depend on the choices and actions taken along the way. In addition, it is possible to build relationships with people you meet, but it is worth considering that winning their trust and affection will not be easy. The app is devoid of unnecessary dialogue and filler, focusing solely on pure horror and detective gameplay.

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RePack from Chovka
Version: v 1.3 + DLC [New Version] in Russian
rulngThe crack for the game (text) can be found above under the spoiler.
More current version: v 1.3 + DLC [New Version] in Russian
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 Size: 2.59 GB
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    • Release date: 2 Nov. 2023
    • Genre: Adventure, Indie, Anime, Visual Novel
    • Developer: ViviLatvia
    • Interface: Russian
    • Voice acting: Russian
System requirements
    • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
    • Processor: 1.8 GHz Dual-Core
    • RAM: 8 GB
    • Video card: Integrated Gr
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Version:v 1.3 + DLC [New Version] in Russian
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