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Die Again
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игра на русском языке

Die Again

v 14035181 [New Version] in Russian
(Full version) Latest in extra. distributions
April 13, 2024, 12:48 pm.
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There is also a version for playing online (pirate).

Die Again is an indie action game which features multiple camera perspectives on different levels to add variety to its visuals and gameplay. A key aspect is using death as a means of further advancement through locations with detailed environmental details; bloody battles frequently break out between enemies with overwhelming amounts of violence against living beings; for performing certain actions the gamer will receive marks towards reaching 100% completion on achievements required to reach success in all achievements listed on a checklist of 100 percent completion achievements.


"Die Again" offers many distinguishing characteristics:

  • To play effectively, players must utilise the soul transmigration function after multiple deaths of the controlled character. If when dying without enemies nearby, reboot is required if this indicates game over.
  • Opponents often take advantage of this tactic, compelling users to dramatically transform themselves in order to continue the adventure.
  • 15 levels connected by an engaging storyline into one campaign for offline playthrough feature not only shootouts with enemies but also plot inserts, chases, and fantasy elements on an alternative version of planet Earth.


Your virtual protege can equip himself with an arsenal of different-sized firearms and swords/daggers ranging from pistols, shotguns and machine guns - perfect for different gameplay styles - as well as swords/daggers suited to specific tasks - for optimal enemy-destructing power! When selecting an optimal weapon and style to enhance their efficiency in eliminating enemies.

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RePack from Chovka
Version: v 14035181 [New Version] in Russian
rulngThe crack for the game (text) can be found above under the spoiler.
More current version: v 14035181 [New Version] in Russian
is located in the block -Additional distributions.
 Size: 4.20 GB
Post updated - Yesterday, 23:03.
    • Release date: April 20, 2024
    • Genre: Action , Adventure , Indie , Shooters
    • Developer: VarnGameDev
    • Interface: Russian
    • Voice acting: English
System requirements
    • OS: 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-760 (4 * 2.8 GHz)
    • RAM: 4 GB
    • Video card: GeForce GTX 650
    • Disk space: 7.9 GB
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Version:v 14035181 [New Version] in Russian
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