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Bad Times at the Silver Lake
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Bad Times at the Silver Lake

v 11272412 [New Version] in Russian
(Full version) Latest in extra. distributions
May 20, 2023, 11:37 am.
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There is also a version for playing online (pirate).
Bad Times at the Silver Lake is a fun indie game that cleverly pays homage to the horror genre. You will be drawn into the gripping story of Sarah, an intrepid journalist caught in the middle of a terrifying zombie outbreak in the bustling city of Salt Lake. Accompanied by her loyal and devoted canine companion Shibu, Sarah must navigate through swarms of the undead, solve puzzles, and discover the sinister truth about the insidious virus that has plagued the city.

Taking inspiration from the golden era of horror games on the original PlayStation, Bad Times at the Silver Lake uses low-poly graphics, fixed camera angles and tank controls reminiscent of that era. There's also a big focus on resource management, where ammo and health shortages require careful decisions to be made. You must wield your shotgun and knife tactfully and use Shibu's unique abilities to distract or strategically strike enemies.

One of the most attractive features is the immersive and engaging narrative, adapting to your choices and actions, culminating in multiple endings. As you progress, the dark underbelly of Salt Lake will gradually unfold before your eyes, revealing a city that hides secrets much deeper than one might initially assume. The surreal and atmospheric aesthetic further highlights the stark contrast between the beauty of the world and the horrors that lurk in its shadows.


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RePack from Chovka
Version: v 11272412 [New Version] in Russian
rulngThe crack for the game (text) can be found above under the spoiler.
More current version: v 11272412 [New Version] in Russian
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 Size: 2.16 GB
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    • Release date: May 19. 2023
    • Genre: Adventure , Indie , Simulation , Survival
    • Developer: Philip Efimov
    • Interface: Russian
    • Voice acting: English
System requirements
    • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bits)
    • Processor: Intel Dual-Core 2.4 GHz
    • RAM: 2 GB
    • Video card: 2 GB
    • Disk space: 4 GB
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Version:v 11272412 [New Version] in Russian
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